Moko & Tina Wedding Day

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as Leonardo Da Vinci said. Moko and Tina really believe that, and it was echoed beautifully into their simple yet sophisticated wedding.

I am glad to know them dearly, and it was a real privilege for me to get a portion of their beautiful moments. As a friend, I am honored to know most of their stories, and personally, how they met was really an almost-a-fairytale moment for me. Truly magical.

They were just friends. Moko didn't really notice Tina and likewise for her. Until that time when Tina posted on Twitter about how she wanted to watch a Lion King musical in Singapore, and thanks to the tweety bluebird, Moko read the tweet, and responded accordingly. The rest is history.

After some years of dating, they decided to take this to a whole new level, marriage. As I said earlier (and I really have no problem repeating it couple times more), it was simple and beautiful, just as they are. It was a moving anointing service at Hoseiji Temple, and followed by a casual luncheon at The Glass House, Pacific Place, Jakarta. Just an excellent way to plan a wedding, lovebirds!

Have a wonderful and safe passage through marriage, Moko and Tina.


Collaborating with Max Willy

Dress: Yogie Pratama

Makeup: Rama Jee

Words: Christopher Harinata